Microgen has been a major player in Free Piston Stirling technology for more than 20 years.

China Factory Stirling Engines


After a long period of developing and testing MEC started serial production and sales of the 1 kW Free Piston Stirling Engine in 2010. Combined with the burner, controllers and heat exchanger also developed by Microgen, this MEC 1 kW engine shapes the heart of a huge number of Domestic Combined Heat Power Applications that have since been installed by heating companies around Europe. Thousands of these devices are now in use in household environments and have made hundreds of millions of run hours.

Free Piston Stirling Engine 1 kW

The MEC-engine.

Application areas

Based on the knowledge and experience Microgen (MEC) acquired working on the engine and the technology in a gas-fired grid-connected environment, Microgen has gradually extended the application areas of its MEC engine, on its own and with specialised partners. This implies the use of the MEC engine in so-called Remote – Off Grid areas, but also its application in solving specific problems in burning bio and alternative fuels.

This has resulted in the commercial availability in Europe of a wood pellet MCHP unit with a MEC 1 kW engine since 2015. Of course the traditional gas segment is not neglected. New value propositions, adding combinations with batteries and photovoltaic solutions, have been designed, and a 60 Hz engine has been released. This last development is opening up new market opportunities in North-America, Korea and Japan.