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Contact professionals in their field who know the ins and outs of Stirling.

Contact with either Microgen or one of the OEM’s in relation to your interest for a commercially available application or to your ideas about potentially integrating a Microgen Stirling Engine in an appliance will assure that you engage with people who are professionals in their field and know the ins and outs of Stirling.

User applications available through Microgen

Wood log boiler and free piston Stirling Engine

Microgen Woodlog BioGen Power and Heat

The solution for remote places using available local wood

The Microgen Woodlog BioGen Power and Heat unit is based on the successful combination of two principles: wood gasification and Microgen Free Piston power generation. Small scale wood gasification was a technology widely known and used in the past. During the second World War even cars were powered through this process. With this use already long gone the process is still widely used for heating up houses, cabins and dachas in especially remote and rural areas.

For information please contact Gerwin Lubbers

Remeha Micro-CHP Boiler eVita (Natural Gas)

Your personal power plant for heat, hot water and electricity at home

Combined heat and power (CHP), or cogeneration, is the simultaneous production of useful heat and electricity from a single source. It is a true low (or zero) carbon dioxide alternative to a gas boiler.

Micro-CHP (µCHP) refers to the small-scale production of heat and power for individual commercial buildings, apartments and individual homes. These units meet the demand for space heating and hot water whilst providing electricity to supplement or replace the grid supply.

For information please contact Gerwin Lubbers


Gerwin Lubbers 

He, supported by other Microgen specialists,  will evaluate if your ideas, plans are suitable for the use Stirling. And if there are already standard applications available. Within Microgen we will be able to cover nearly every man language. So communication should be not a problem. 

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Microgen Woodlog BioGen Power and Heat
Remeha Micro-CHP Boiler eVita (Natural Gas)