• Introduction of a Microgen powered Autarkic home system !
  • Start of sales of Microgen powered units in Japan and
  • New condensing unit: Pellematic Smart

ÖkoFEN the first company in the world who successfully integrated a Microgen Stirling Unit into their pellet fired MCHP system several years ago takes further steps with their Microgen Powered woodpellet MCHP product (Pellematic Smart). They not only have launched their system in Japan since the beginning of the year it also forms one of the key pieces in their new Energy Self Sufficient Home System. Solar panels, the Microgen Powered (registered) Pellematic Smart or Pellematic Condens-e in combination with a grid building inverters and a battery pack can make a house fully energy sufficient. Also as of September 2016 the so called Pellematic Condens will come available as Pellematic Condens-e. For further information see the website of: