The heat Stirling engines run on, comes in many cases from burners. Different burners
for different uses are available.

Not only the heat acceptors differ according to the situation, the burners also need to be adapted to the specific circumstances. In some cases, such as heat from the sun or waste heat, no real burners are required.

Microgen Engine Corporation holds numerous patents on the key products below. In case you have a specific application for which one of the existing heat acceptors and/or burners do not fit, we have the knowhow and expertise to develop one.

High efficiency natural gas burner

This burner is specifically designed for a domestic MCHP application and has all the characteristics of a modern high efficiency burner, used by condensing boilers. It can also be used in other than domestic environments.

Biogas - woodgas burner

This burner takes into account the specifics of burning biogas or woodgas. In combination with a biofuel heat acceptor it can comfortably handle the specifics of varying calorific values, burning of particles etc. It is used more frequently in remote areas where there is no electricity and where available local fuel can be used.

Biomass - rice husk burner

Rice husk is very challenging to burn, due to its very high silicium content. Microgen’s solution results not only in power but also in heat and fertilizer. A widespread use of this technology increases the availability of power in remote areas where rice is grown and dramatically reduces the serious tar pollution by (large) gasifier plants.