Heat acceptors

A Stirling engine needs heat to function, to bring the heat in the engine, heat acceptors are required.

A Stirling engine needs heat to function. This heat drives the thermodynamic process which generates the power and if harvested the heat. To bring the heat in the engine, HEAT ACCEPTORS are required. For different circumstances different heat acceptors need to be used, such as clean combustion of a stable calorific gas on one side of the spectrum or the combustion of a specific biomass with varying calorific values and corrosive contents on the other.

Gas heat acceptor

This heat acceptor, which operates in combination with a high efficiency gas burner, leads to the best results in terms of energy efficiency, instantaneous reaction to gas/airmix flow changes and size.

Biofuel heat acceptor

This type of heat acceptor is capable of handling (corrosive) gasses with a varying calorific value. Within certain limits it can cope with dust. For this, it is used with a biofuel gas burner.

Solar heat acceptor

This heat acceptor is specifically designed for the Stirling Solar application and can handle the specifics of receiving heat from the sun.