Efficient domestic (& small business) use

Generating heat while also producing power was Microgen’s idea in 1995.

Microgen efficient home use

Your personal power plant.

Efficient power generation

Generating heat while also producing power was Microgen’s idea in 1995 when the pursuit of a more efficient use of energy was started (Micro Combined Heat Power Systems). By doing so, power is 65% more efficiently generated than with the centralised power plants. The absence of transport losses further improves the efficient use of energy.

Patented concept

The MCHP application was the original focus of Microgen Engine Corporation. Not only the engine and the burner but the whole application was designed for this concept. Microgen holds multiple patents in this area. Since 2010 several leading European heating companies have adopted the concept, each integrating the Microgen engine in their MCHP application.

High heat demand

This Micro CHP application is especially suited for houses with a higher heat demand. Since 2015 the Microgen MCHP devices are combined with PV and battery storage. This assures the full use of home-generated power but also reliefs the grid.

First market availability in 2010

Since 2010 several MCHP systems have been brought to the market. This was especially done in Europe and recently also in Korea. Leading heating companies took the lead in this. Appliances are available for Methane Propane, Standard Biogas and wood pellets. Each of these systems have their own characteristics but they have one thing in common: they are all Microgen Powered! Recently these appliances started being used in combination with Battery packs and PV.