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Microgen engines quick starter kits

01 October 2018

Microgen launches to the world market the sale of the first and only Engine quick starters kits for universities, institutes, colleges, labs.
Microgen engines have a solution for different types of fuel with Biomass, Solar and Gas engines.

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BioGen Pellet&Chip Gasifier present in the Fair in Athens Ohio, USA.

16 September 2018

During the weekend of the 15th and 16th of September CET attended another renewable – organic fair. It was the  Paw Paw fair This time it was very close: it was in Albany Ohio next to the Town of CET itself. During the fair the Gasifier Stirling Biogen was presented as well as the gasfired Stirling Thermogen. Both units run off grid continuously during the show. And again people were amazed; the sound level was so low that the units had to touched in order to convince them that they were operational. Several new contacts were established which will be followed up during the coming two months.

EVOGRESS 1.0 unit located in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia.

09 June 2018

The EVOGRESS 1.0 unit designed by Nauka who successfully integrated the Microgen Stirling unit to be the main or backup power supply for the linear part of the gas transport system, including telecommunications, remote control systems and cathodic protection with a constant energy consumption up to 3 kW.

Combined Energy Technology team attended the "Mother Earth News Fair" in Asheville, NC, USA.

11 May 2018

This past week, the Combined Energy Technology (CET) team had a soft-opening of Bio-Gen 1000. They have spent the last 2 years painstakingly developing this innovative technology.
The system itself is a Microgen Stirling Engine powered and biogas fueled micro-energy plant. Through the gasification of wood pellets, the Bio-Gen 1000 successfully creates 1 kW of electricity, 5.5 kW of heat energy, and 1 lb of biochar per hour. The Bio-Gen 1000 is positioned to revolutionize power production for sustainable homes, agricultural operations, and off-grid energy sites.

ÖkoFEN system can generate 16 kW thermal and 1 kW electric using Microgen’s Free-Piston Stirling Engine.

19 March 2018

On 04-Mar-2018, ÖkoFEN with their self-sufficient house concept, had 14 days without a single kWh from the grid, generating 100% of heat and electricity from renewables.
As they state “No other way to do this all year round in cold climates”
As an example, in Austria (home of ÖkoFEN) pellets costs around 4.5 €-Cent per kWh. But since the ÖkoFEN system is a condensing boiler with 15% more efficiency this makes up for the extra fuel for Microgen’s Stirling Engine generator, so you would not need more pellets than with a standard pellet boiler.

ÖkoFEN and Fronius,
another step towards the direction of 100% energy self-sufficiency.

22 June 2017

Following the announcement by Okofen and Fronius in March 2017 to start with a renewable Autarkic home energy system, based on their own and Microgen technology,  they now take the project to the next level. Introduction of the system is under way. Recently a first webinar relating to the subject for interested people was held. Learn more about this beautifull solution on:

Next steps in Industrial Remote Power

15 June 2017

The last year BGRI demonstrated a new concept for the use of waste gases from the well sites.This year BGRI presents BGR Rush Power a new product that together with the Microgen Stirling Unit converts waste gas into energy. This reliable power source in a standalone unit can provide a continuous 1000 watts to run SCADA systems, process control and measurement transmitters, and even lighting and security on remote well sites. For further information see attached or the website of:

ÖkoFEN takes next steps with their Microgen Stirling based Pellet MCHP system

01 March 2017

  • Introduction of a Microgen powered Autarkic home system !
  • Start of sales of Microgen powered units in Japan and
  • New condensing unit: Pellematic Smart

ÖkoFEN the first company in the world who successfully integrated a Microgen Stirling Unit into their pellet fired MCHP system several years ago takes further steps with their Microgen Powered woodpellet MCHP product (Pellematic Smart). They not only have launched their system in Japan since the beginning of the year it also forms one of the key pieces in their new Energy Self Sufficient Home System. Solar panels, the Microgen Powered (registered) Pellematic Smart or Pellematic Condens-e in combination with a grid building inverters and a battery pack can make a house fully energy sufficient. Also as of September 2016 the so called Pellematic Condens will come available as Pellematic Condens-e. For further information see attached or the website of:
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Launch of new website

20 December 2016

We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. The new site launch is available and the URL is: