Generating power at any location using any kind of fuel

in an efficient, silent, trouble free way

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Rural Remote Power and Heat

Biomass, Biogas and even Fossil fuels like coal can provide the energy for powering the Stirling engine generating electricity and heat.

Remote Power and Heat

In northern colder climates with less solar and a higher heat demand the technology is excellent for providing power and heat


Generating heat while also producing power

OEM Solutions

Engines quick starters kits

Free Piston Stirling Engine

A revolution in power generation and energy efficiency. Microgen’s Free Piston Stirling Engine is the result of the meticulous engineering and development of a high tech, game changing solid-base technology with a focus on carefree and lifelong use.

Microgen Applications

Industrial Remote Power

The Free Piston Stirling Engine technology, due to its maintenance-free character, is extremely well suited for use in remote areas such as in the Oil & Gas, Telecom and Railway industry.

Rural Power and Heat

The principle of external combustion makes the Stirling engine also extremely suited for the use in off-grid rural and remote areas.

Efficient Domestic Use

Generating heat while also producing power was Microgen’s idea in 1995 when the pursuit of a more efficient use of energy was started (Micro Combined Heat Power Systems).

Microgen OEM and Quick starter kits

OEM Engines quick starter kits

Microgen launches to the world market the sale of the first and only Engine quick starters kits for universities, institutes, colleges, labs.

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    Microgen's Stirling unit is basically maintenance free. People usually only report to us in case of problems. We hear only little about all those thousands of units which are running in the field… Therefore, we were more than pleased to unexpectedly run into the...