Free Piston Stirling Engine

A revolution in power generation and energy efficiency. Microgen’s Free Piston Stirling Engine is the result of the meticulous engineering and development of a high tech, game changing solid-base technology with a focus on carefree and lifelong use.

MEC Applications

Industrial Remote Power

microgen extreme conditions solutions

The Free Piston Stirling Engine technology, due to its maintenance-free character, is extremely well suited for use in remote areas such as in the Oil & Gas, Telecom and Railway industry.

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Rural Remote Power

rural remote power

The principle of external combustion makes the Stirling engine also extremely suited for the use in off-grid rural and remote areas.

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Efficient Domestic Use

Microgen efficient home use

Generating heat while also producing power was Microgen’s idea in 1995 when the pursuit of a more efficient use of energy was started (Micro Combined Heat Power Systems).

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Mobile Silent Power

Microgen silent mobile power solutions

On the road, perhaps off-road or on the water is where you go to find peace of mind and new impressions.

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Microgen engines quick starter kits

01 October 2018

Microgen launches to the world market the sale of the first and only Engine quick starters kits for universities, institutes, colleges, labs.

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BioGen Pellet&Chip Gasifier present in the Fair in Athens Ohio

16 September 2018

During the weekend of the 15th and 16th of September CET attended another renewable – organic fair. It was the  Paw Paw fair This time it was very close: it was in Albany Ohio next to the Town of CET itself.

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