Controls make sure the Microgen systems function in the best possible way.

Controls, adapted to specific applications, uses and circumstances, make sure the Microgen systems, consisting of a Stirling engine combined with heat acceptors and burners, functions in the best possible way.

Engine Controls

Engine Controller Pack

Free Piston Stirling Engine Control boardThis controller assures the control of the key functions of the engine and safeguards the engine against outside (electrical) damaging events. It also contains the start/stop procedures and provides the connections to other controls such as the application control and power related functions. Most integrators outside the gas fired Micro Combined Heat Power business use this Engine Controller Pack for electronically integrating the Microgen engine in their application.

Application Controls

Gasfired MCHP controller set

For the Micro Combined Heat Power business Microgen has developed a special MCHP controller. Apart from the engine controller functions this controller also contains the application controller functions and specifics such as grid connection (G83/ENS).

Independent Remote Power Plant Controller

The use of Stirling engines is especially beneficial in remote areas where rugged, resilient power solutions are required. A specific modular system for the Oil & Gas industry has been developed together with one of Microgen’s partners from this industry. This system, consisting of several Stirling engines and powering several power critical functions, operates fully automatically and is remotely controlled. Only one visit a year is planned for regular check-up and general maintenance. Besides the Stirling engines several other critical functions need to be controlled and managed to secure these operating times. Together with its partner Microgen developed a specific controller for this multi-engine, the so-called Independent Remote Power Plant. This controller is suited for use in other remote multi-engine configurations.

Zero Energie Building Controller

The underlying idea is that so-called Zero Energy Buildings have a better carbon footprint and energy use than other more traditional homes or buildings. In many cases these are houses using PV and heat pumps. With PV – heat pumps however significant shortages occur when power is needed, resulting in import during these periods and in power excess in summer in daytime. This causes a larger footprint than the traditional house type. Microgen developed a controller for a system set up of PV, Stirling MCHP and optionally battery, which keeps the power export continuously at zero. This gives by far the best carbon footprint/cost performance when compared to any other alternative.

Woodlog Fired MCHP

Specific fuels and specific circumstances require special solutions. For a Micro Combined Heat Power based on woodlogs Microgen has developed a special Application Controller specifically suited for this use.

Off-grid controls

Stirling Off Grid Challenges

Stirling engines are excellent devices for off-grid/remote power generation. However due their linear alternator set-up they are load/voltage sensitive. In an on-grid situation this is covered by the inertia of the grid. Microgen has developed several options for overcoming this issue.

Grid Independent Power

To overcome the specific challenges relating to stirling in an offgrid situation Microgen has developed a so called Grid Independent Module. A module which makes the engine run disconnected from the pad and in this way not sensible to significant load changes. This enables Stirling to be used as an individual robust power source in all kind of circumstances. Mobile, Remote or as Emergency Power function when disconnected from the grid because of for example an Ice Storm.

Mini Grid in combinations with batteries

An environment in which varying loads can be connected to the Stirling unit and where the loads can exceed the engine power, a concept has been developed based on a grid building inverter in combination with batteries. Several of these inverter systems have been approved for use with the Microgen Engines. This system is also used in the Remote Power Plant. Also other type of generators (such as solar) can in most cases be connected to this mini grid. For overall power management the core of the Remote Power Plant controller can be used.

Controls make sure the Microgen systems function in the best possible way.

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