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BioGen Pellet&Chip Gasifier present in the Fair in Athens Ohio, USA.

During the weekend of the 15th and 16th of September CET attended another renewable – organic fair. It was the Paw Paw fair This time it was very close: it was in Albany Ohio next to the Town of CET itself. During the fair the Gasifier Stirling Biogen was presented as well as the gasfired Stirling Thermogen. Both units run off grid continuously during the show. And again people were amazed; the sound level was so low that the units had to touched in order to convince them that they were operational. Several new contacts were established which will be followed up during the coming two months.

Storage for solar energy is being tested in Bremerhaven

Whilst the world’s attention of course is at the Covid-19 pandemic, still beautiful and important things for the world’s future in the field of sustainable/renewable energy are happening. Microgen Engine Corporation is proud to be part of some of these green developments. Worldwide, several respected universities and research organizations are currently working on Heat/Thermal Storage Projects. The question is how to do the extraction/conversion of the thermal energy into electricity ? Heat engines based on the Stirling Cycle, like the ones from Microgen Engine Corporation, are amongst the promising solutions. The University of Bremerhaven, also using the Microgen engine, proudly presented their Energy Conversion Unit this February. This unit is part of the European “Socrates” project, using Calcium Carbonate as the storage medium and Solar Energy as the prime energy source. The unit is ready for shipment to the South of Spain where it will be integrated with other hardware and of course further tested.

This week the 9th international Gasforum will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Microgen will be represented at this world leading event by its Russian Partner Nauka Power Technology.
Nauka Power Technology will present it’s full range of EVOGRESS Autonomous Power Units which are all Powered by Microgen.

The units which are shown vary from the 1 kw unit to the 6 kw hybrid unit which is also equipped with PV.
Learn more about these products and the latest installations in Russia such as on the Nord Stream Pipeline and in Yakutia, one of the coldest places in the World, by visiting Nauka Power Technology at the 9th St Petersburg Gasforum

Microgen engines quick starter kits

Microgen launches to the world market the sale of the first and only Engine quick starters kits for universities, institutes, colleges, labs.
Microgen engines have a solution for different types of fuel with Biomass, Solar and Gas engines.

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Microgen keeps you up to date with news and videos.

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